As commercial painting contractors, Paint Platoon USA considers Airport Beacon painting to be of primary importance to our paint contracting business and service mission. Our painters are experts at performing this type of painting service nationally. 

We provide a broad range of routine to specialized beacon tower painting services to airports. We consider this specialty as one of the most critical and demanding projects Paint Platoon USA painters may undertake. Not only must the applied coatings undergo a stringent series of quality control procedures to insure compliance to FAA and Maritime specifications, but our work must stand up to the tests of time and be effective protection against corrosion.

Paint Platoon USA works very closely with a wide variety of coating and paint manufacturers to specify paints and coatings that are project specific and sensitive to aviation and maritime needs. Once selected, the materials are applied to properly prepared surfaces and when necessary, consistently inspected through a variety of hold point and check procedures until the project is complete. We provide beacon tower painters across the entire United States. If you require beacon tower painting services at your airport, we hope to hear from you.