Multi-Unit Condos & Apartments

Painting your apartment complex, building or condo is a smart investment. You want your exterior paint to protect against the elements. You want colors that are up to date and will look good for years to come. And, you want minimal disruption to your tenants.

At Paint Platoon USA, we excel when painting on a large scale, be it a community of townhomes, condominiums or apartment buildings. Painting the exterior of high-rise buildings has been a specialty of Paint Platoon USA since our founding.

Our fleet of specialized equipment, swing staging and aerial lifts, and a working knowledge of the safety requirements, allow us to take on tall and odd shaped buildings safely.

We know that accessing hard to reach areas of a building requires the use of coating systems that will not require re-painting for many years. We work closely with our suppliers and sell sound paint systems that we can apply with confidence. With just as much confidence, we apply our skills to the interior of an apartment complex or residential tower with clean, crisp lines and bright, new colors.

Our entire team is committed to delivering state of the painting services, utilizing the latest standards and techniques. It is our attention to detail that has earned us our reputation for excellence and it is this reputation that keeps customers coming back and referring us to others.Responding to homeowner needs and concerns on a considerate, timely and sincere basis is very important. Our management team is informal in their work style with a results oriented and a customer satisfaction driven environment.

The key to our mutual success is communication. As many of our associations place interior and exterior modification restrictions on their individual homeowner's ability to enhance their own property – it is incumbent upon us to understand the specific guidelines within a community so that communication is clear when dealing with each of the parties.Thank you for visiting and if you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us .