Pulp & Paper Facilities

Paint Platoon USA, a national commercial & industrial painting contractor, understands that continuous uninterrupted operation is a must in the pulp and paper industry. From the woodyard scales and waste treatment plant to the main office building, Paint Platoon USA understands the paper mill environment and the corrosion problems peculiar to it.

Take the machine room. Protecting the overhead structural steel in the mill’s machine room is vital. Not only is the steel difficult to coat properly, but it is especially subject to rust because of the high humidity in an operating mill. When corrosion goes untreated, paper quality is the first to suffer. Rust falls on the unfinished paper as it passes through the machinery, making it impossible to meet quality control standards. But eventually, a more serious problem occurs. The structural integrity of the building itself is threatened by unabated corrosion.

Paint Platoon USA knows which coating maintenance chores must be done while the mill is in operation and which are best done during annual maintenance shutdowns. We’re also experts in keeping the painting work from interfering with mechanical and electrical work.

We know where coatings must be absolutely perfect, and where less expensive surface preparation and coatings systems will suffice. Our experienced partnership is a valuable asset in planning and scheduling your annual shutdown. With our trained supervisors and qualified crews, Paint Platoon USA can bring entire blocks of the mill back to “as new” condition during a single shutdown.