Soffit & Fascia Repairs

Soffit & Fascia Repairs both play a crucial role in the look and function of your home. The soffit is used to cover the under-hang of your roof and gables, and can protect from animal intrusion as well as providing intake ventilation for your attic. Aluminum Fascia is used as a cladding (to cover bare wood) which seals the ends of your eaves and provides a surface for the installation of the eavestrough.

Proper installation of soffit and fascia is important as they protect the eaves area of the roof and building from water damage as well as animal intrusion. They also provide a maintenance-free, enhanced finished appearance for your residential or commercial building.

Commercial property owners can modernize and upgrade the appearance of their buildings by installing soffit and fascia materials which serve to minimize maintenance, add insulation and thermal efficiency, improve asthetics and increase property value.

Additional benefits for commercial building owners include an economical way to modernize the look of a plaza or building when compared to repainting or undertaking major exterior renovation work.