Paint Platoon USA is a Chicago painting contractor. We are full service, commercial & industrial painting contractors and professional high performance specialty coatings applicators. We specialize in commercial and light industrial “repainting projects” and maintenance painting projects throughout the Chicagoland Metro area. We are certified experts in architectural paints, coatings and applications as well as industrial coatings applicators. If you need to be absolutely sure you are using or specifying the correct type of paint or coating for a particular situation or application, then you need to talk to one our AMPP (formerly NACE or SSPC) certified protective coating specialists or coating inspectors.

We focus on providing high quality interior and exterior repainting of office buildings, warehouse painting, plant interior painting and exterior painting, manufacturing facilities, factory exterior painting & factory interior painting. We also perform painting & staining of tilt-up or precast concrete buildings, steel siding painting, machinery painting, office interior painting, epoxy flooring and epoxy floor striping, intumescent fireproofing paint, industrial labeling and pipe labeling, floor marking, facility maintenance painting and other types of repaint work specific to the commercial and light industrial arena. In addition, we are one of very few Chicago painting contractors that can also provide you with NACE & SSPC certified coating inspection services for your industrial painting or specialty coatings application projects.

We strive be the first company that business people in the Chicago area think of when they think of the word “painting contractor” or “painters”. Business owners, plant managers, property management and facilities managers, make up the main customer base for our painting company. We specialize in performing projects that are too difficult or complex for the typical residential or commercial painters to perform or understand, yet too small for the very large commercial or industrial painters to be interested in.

Most of our customers are business owners, plant managers, facility or commercial property managers. However, Paint Platoon USA does offer some services to homeowners in the form of town home townhouse or condominium association painting projects. In addition, our painters occasionally provides wallcovering, carpentry repairs, drywall and plaster repair services on a case by case basis.

What Distinguishes Paint Platoon USA From The Competition Is The Following:

  • A National Center for Construction Education & Research-NCCER painting instructor is on staff

  • In business since 1984

  • Member- SSPC-The Coatings Society

  • Member- PDCA-Painting & Decorating Contractors of America

  • Member and A+ Rating with-Better Business Bureau-BBB

  • We focus on the quality and training of our painters.

  • We have more technical knowledge than most other painting contractors within the Chicago metro area or nationally.

  • We have some of the most highly trained, knowledgeable and professional painters in the Chicago area and the US.

  • We have some of the best leadership training available in the industry.

  • We are one of the only painting contractors in the Chicago area who has AMPP (formerly NACE and SSPC) certified coating inspectors on staff.


When customers hire Paint Platoon USA, they can be confident that they are being provided with a crew of professonal “career” painters as opposed to inexperienced college students or itinerant workers who are just looking for some temporary paint work.

Paint Platoon USA provides the painting services and coating services that will provide long-lasting and durable protection, superior appearance, and minimum maintenance for each particular application.

Paint Platoon USA is available for your job on your schedule – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will complete your project on time and with minimal disturbance to your normal business operations.

Customers will see this difference in our painters as compared to our competitors.

Our Painters will exceed expectations and perform all services in a professional manner. Our painters will have a sense of pride in knowing that they are more knowledgeable and more professional than other painters at other companies.

Our Painters will have spotless uniforms and appear cleaner and more professional than the customer will expect.

All systems and operations are standardized and controlled. Our customers know what to expect from Paint Platoon USA. The customer will receive consistent and reliable service.

Our customers can expect “real” service, including friendliness and neatness. To ensure customer satisfaction, customers receive a guarantee on all work performed by Paint Platoon USA.

As commercial painters, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our painters are thoroughly trained to apply the complex coatings by using the latest techniques and technology.

Our qualified and professional painters have been the key to our success. Our team strives to exhibit an outstanding commitment to providing quality craftsmanship while continually maintaining the highest standards of safety. We are committed to continuous training and education with key staff members.

We strive to create a safe workplace. We also maintain a continuing education program to ensure the highest quality workmanship. We research different coating systems and employ highly skilled painters and coatings applicators to install them. We seek honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Whatever your facility’s operating conditions, we make every effort to protect your assets and investments with the right paints and coatings – at the right time.