Warehouse & Factory Exteriors


We also provide floor line striping and workplace labeling and marking services .

As a professional commercial painting contractor, Paint Platoon USA provides extensive warehouse exterior painting and coating services for industrial and commercial businesses.

Our professional painters provide both warehouse exterior painting services, as well as warehouse interior coating services.

Whether your facility is a warehouse, factory, manufacturing plant, or any other industrial site, your outside structures are sure to take a beating. Paint Platoon USA provides durable, high-performance exterior coatings that can stand up to tremendous environmental abuse, inside and out.

The experts at Paint Platoon USA have extensive product knowledge and hands-on experience with exterior painting projects of all kinds. We’re familiar with the challenges associated with industrial warehouse and factory exterior painting, and we’ll work with you to ensure a top-notch job with minimal business interruption and maximum satisfaction.

As a Chicago-based painting contractor we can provide you with all types of Warehouse Painting services like Warehouse Exterior Painting, Epoxy Floor Striping, Warehouse Office Painting, and Warehouse Interior Painting to name just a few. Our team is bonded and insured. We carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage.

Whether interior or exterior painting Paint Platoon USA’s commercial and industrial painters can help with your warehouse or factory painting project.