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Paint Platoon USA is a Chicago area painting contractor that's been in business since 1984. We are full service, commercial & industrial painters and professional high performance specialty coatings applicators offering a vast array of painting services. We are a small company, but have some very knowledgeable painters and staff that understand and specialize in performing painting projects that may require complex coating systems or entail work that a less experienced painting company would not understand, because they do not know what coating systems to select or how to complete the job.

We are experts at all types of commercial painting, light industrial painting and maintenance coating projects. Our areas of expertise range from factory, warehouse and plant interior and exterior painting all the way to high end fine interior painting services. 

In addition, we are very competent at working with most types of complex coating systems such as multi-component epoxy coating systems, aliphatic polyurethane coatings, electrostatic painting, machinery coatings, light pole painting, epoxy flooring, epoxy floor line striping and even intumescent fireproofing painting, industrial labeling and pipe labeling. 

We work throughout the Chicago Metro area. Since no two paint jobs are the same and may require different sets of skills, our AMPP (formerly NACE and SSPC) certified painting professionals and estimators will match your specific painting project requirements up with the professional painters that have those specific skill sets. 

We are experts at specifying the correct architectural paints, specialty coatings as well as industrial coatings for your specific projects. If you need to be absolutely sure you are using the correct type of coating for a particular situation or application, then you need to talk to one our AMPP certified coating inspectors. Thank you for visiting our website. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your painting business. Please contact us by either giving us a call or click on the free estimate button.











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