Parks, Schoolyards & Recreation


Paint Platoon USA understands the value of completing Parks, Schoolyards and Recreation projects on time with no compromise to quality. We have completed many projects in the Chicago area without disrupting our customers' business or open-to-public schedules.

Even the best maintenance programs can be forgotten when a member of the public sees a park or facility in poor condition. Image is everything. We complete our work safely, quickly, and with long-lasting quality.

We can refresh or help create a playground with painted graphics and stencils for games like hopscotch and four square. We can also electrostatically paint metal playground equipment like monkey-bars or swings to a near factory finish.

We are experts at using durable, high-performance coatings to ensure a long lasting finish on your Parks and Recreation building or structure. We can work will you to choose the best coating solution that will provide the finished product you are looking for.

Paint Platoon USA abides by the rule of safety first for all employees. We ensure that our employees receive training and skills needed in order to complete their job in a safe and healthy environment. This mandatory training promotes increased awareness, injury prevention and hazard/incident-free operations.

We abide by OSHA standards and regulations and carry the necessary workman’s compensation and insurance coverage.