Cold Galvanizing 

Cold galvanizing offers some of the benefits of hot zinc galvanization without needing to be applied in a shop. Unlike traditional coatings applied by hot zinc dipping, these coatings can be applied onsite by spraying or brushing and rolling. Zinc rich coatings offer some of the best protection available to steel and iron structures and components. These coatings can be used on their own, or to touch up damaged areas of hot zinc galvanized objects. 

Cold Galvanizing coatings are suitable for surfaces in industrial and marine environments including:

  • Railings

  • Chain link fences 

  • Corrugated metal siding 

  • Pipes 

  • Equipment 

  • Guardrails 

  • Sign posts 

  • Poles

  • Sign Posts

  • Towers 

  • Tanks 

  • Bridges 

  • Railroad Equipment 

  • Hand Rails

  • Trailers

  • Food Processing Equipment

  • Metal Parts

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