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Platoon Platoon USA is a professional painting contractor that has provided painting services in Chicago, IL since 1984.  We provide painting services for commercial, industrial and institutional properties.  We also provide services for multi-component epoxy coating systems, aliphatic polyurethane coatings, electrostatic painting, machinery coatings, light pole painting, epoxy flooring, floor line striping and even intumescent fireproofing painting, industrial labeling and pipe labeling.  Although we are based out of Chicago, IL we have traveled nationwide and would be happy to provide you with an estimate of our professional painting services.

Painting a commercial, industrial or institutional place in Chicago, IL isn’t a laughing matter. Whether it’s an office or a retail store, even a small painting task involves substantial money. Also, a lot of legwork goes into the project. Here, the selection of the right commercial painting contractor is essential. With a professional painter by your side, things become easy. In spite of this, many factory owners and retail stores don’t hire an industrial painting contractor. If you’re one such businessman, here’s why you may want to hire an expert painting contractor Chicago, IL.

Benefits of hiring a commercial painting contractor in Chicago, IL

Many business owners follow a do it yourself approach. You’ll also find retailers and office owners who hire a residential painter for the job. All these individuals end up with a displeasing job. Commercial painting isn’t a chewing gum that you buy and chew it. On the contrary, it requires a sheer degree of expertise. Plus, choosing a reliable commercial painter comes with a myriad of perks. 


Painting your factory or retail store makes the place more valuable. It hides the flaws and imperfections in construction. However, that kind of value can be attained through an industrial painting contractor Chicago, IL. Such a professional knows what color combination will work best for your particular business.

You may likely want a different color scheme. However, your scheme may be good but not in line with your business. If you choose an ordinary painter, he might probably go with your choice. After the job is done, you may wonder what’s missing that doesn’t add any value. A commercial painter Chicago, IL will point out your mistakes beforehand. In accordance with his suggestions, you may choose the right color scheme that adds value to your business.

Saves time

Painting a commercial place warrants too much time. This is even more correct when you’ve a bigger area. The situation could be more pressing if you’ve various small cabins in your office. The time and legwork involved could take its toll on your day to day business operations. As a smart businessman, you would want the job completed quickly. For that, you need the expertise of a reliable commercial painting contractor Chicago, IL.

Some small retailers and office owners take up the painting job on their own. They surf the web for DIY painting tutorials and try to accomplish their goals. These folks carry out painting during their weekends. However, most of them finish up with an undesirable color scheme. Even if you’re handy with colors, spending your valuable time isn’t worth it.

Who on earth would like to expend time on painting to lose business? You may use your valuable time for other core activities of your venture, including marketing, sales plan, competition, and others. By outsourcing the job to an industrial painting professional, you get plenty of free time for your business. The contractor will complete the work quickly within a day or two as desired.

Enhanced reputation

You may wonder what painting has to do with your business reputation. While it may sound weird, it’s undoubtedly true. A well-decorated office with the right color scheme by an industrial painting contractor makes your place more enjoyable. Also, the overall theme and decor give an inviting look. As such, people who pay a visit to your commercial establishment get a good impression about your business.

Creative colors demonstrate your creativity. Your prospective clients get a feeling that you’re a highly-creative business professional. As a result, your reputation and goodwill get boosted. Increased goodwill and better reputation go a long way in bridging healthy relationships with clients and customers.

Increased productivity

Modern business has become more competitive than ever. You ought to reduce your cost and increase your productivity to stay in the rat race. Failing to do so can lead to the closure of your venture.

There’s a direct relationship between professional painting and productivity. For example, if you run a store or office, your workers may under-perform due to an unpleasant looking place. If this is the case, you may have to hire more workers. However, that will increase the cost.

On the other side, a well-painted factory or store through an industrial painting contractor Chicago, IL will make the place more pleasing and inviting. That should enhance the mood and productivity of workers. Increased productivity leads to low cost and better profits.

Higher sales

Today, you’ll find retail outlets in every nook and corner. However, not all stores get a regular flow of customers. Some stores succeed in drawing regular customers. How? The simple answer is comfy colors. Colors aren’t meant to cover imperfections and paint the place alone.

Properly chosen colors by a credible commercial painting contractor can drive targeted customers to your store, factory, or office. For instance, if your targets are female customers, the contractor will paint the exterior and interior of your store with feminine colors. That should get you female customers repeatedly. Once you’ve customers, you can motivate them to buy your products through discounts or product offerings.

Quality of work

Probably, the most important reason to hire an industrial painting contractor Chicago, IL is quality. If you hire a novice painter or follow a DIY route, you’ll regret your decision due to the poor quality paint job. Poorly done work will also have negative effects on your business.

Projects carried out by reliable contractors paint a different picture about your venture. These experts have substantial experience and expertise in prepping the walls that should make the paint and colors last longer. Also, they’ll use top-quality paints and other materials that will deliver the best outcome. Your business will shine and stand out even in a crowded market.

Covered risks

Painting an office or factory embodies a lot of risks. This is more so if the space is big. Painting the walls, furniture, and other accessories could pose problems in due course of time. If you take up the job yourself, you may have to climb on high ladders to get to the ceiling and higher parts of the walls. You or your associate may likely fall from the ladder and sustain injuries.

You might also cause structural damages to your place. One major incident is enough to make you bankrupt. You may even book yourself or your associate in a hospital for injuries. Things are quite different with a commercial painting contractor on your side. Firstly, the labor associated with painting is assumed by the contractor and his associates. So, the question of your injuries doesn’t arise.

Even if someone gets injured during the execution of the project, you’re free from liabilities. There’s no need for you to expend a single penny. The contractor’s insurance will come in handy to help out. Secondly, any damages caused to the structure will be paid off from the contractor’s general liability coverage. That provides immense relief from a possible financial disaster.


Business owners who stick to a DIY approach wrap up creating a mess. Most of them make big blunders in the process. Their try to be a do it yourself painter becomes a nightmare. Now they’ve to hire a professional for two things - clear the mess and then paint the place. The situation is no different with a newbie residential painter. Even an amateur painter isn’t able to paint the office/factory as required.

However, you can’t do anything. You’ve to rely on someone else to fix things. A commercial painting contractor Chicago, IL lets you resolve all such issues beforehand. First of all, the contractor won’t screw up things as you did. Secondly, he’ll offer warranties on his services, which isn’t an option with a DIY approach or an amateur painter.

A typical contractor’s warranty will cover quick fixes and issues with the newly completed paint job. If you face any problem, you can call the contractor to fix the problem. For that, you don’t have to shell out a single penny from your pocket. As such, you get an assurance that the painting project will be completed and fixed as it should be.


A professional contractor will charge you for his expertise and knowledge. So, how hiring a contractor is cost-effective? Well, a reputed industrial painting contractor will save you money in various ways. Contractors have links with painting material suppliers. They’re able to buy colors, paints, and other accessories at a much cheaper rate than you.

Secondly, the contractor will reduce daily overheads throughout the painting project. If you follow a DIY route, you may complete the painting project in more than a week. You’ll have to pay fixed overheads in the form of labor wages each day.

A reliable contractor will finish the job in a couple of days, thus reducing the overhead cost. If you assess the charges of the contractor with the money he saves on the project, you’ll comprehend that employing a contractor is the most cost-effective option.

Final thoughts

Painting an office or any other commercial establishment entails a lot of responsibilities. If everything is fine, you get to enjoy a plethora of benefits such as increased value, reputation, warranty, quality painting, and lots more. However, the situation could be just the opposite for a poorly completed painting project. Why not hire Paint Platoon USA, an experienced commercial painting contractor for the job. In exchange for a modest charge, we will let you cherish so many benefits for a long time. So, get in touch with Paint Platoon USA inChicago, IL, the best painting contractor and enjoy the difference.