Homeowner Associations

Paint Platoon USA, based in Chicago, is a full service painting contractor. HOA’s have many types of residential homes, association offices, common areas and communal buildings requiring professional painting skills to maintain a high level-of-quality.

We specialize in high-quality multi-unit residential painting, exterior painting, interior painting, apartment building and condo painting, garage floor coatings, restoration, staining, deck coatings, wall coverings and specialty finishes.

When it comes to large-scale residential painting projects, such as apartment buildings, condos and homeowner’s associations, it is important to maximize efficiency, value and results. A quality painting contractor can provide all three aspects, delivering a clean, uniform look with lasting appeal, all at a fair price. Paint Platoon USA specializes in providing painting to Associations for gated communities, multi-unit homes, town-homes, condos and apartments

Paint Platoon USA knows how to apply the right techniques, tools and materials to give you great long-term results. Our professional apartment and condo painters cut no corners, and our premium materials provide maximum performance. We can paint the exterior and interior of your apartments complex, building, HOA or condo association. Our master painters can work on entire buildings as well as single units. Our finished product is always spectacular!