Tank Painting & Coating

Paint Platoon USA, a Chicago based commercial & industrial painting contractor, has field personnel that are highly skilled and experienced craftsmen with long proven track records of success in horizontal above ground storage tanks in a wide variety of applications.

Tank Exterior Painting & Coating

Understanding the various operating conditions of tank environments is the first step in selecting the proper coating system for a specific project. Exterior coatings may be subjected to harsh and demanding environments and Paint Platoon works diligently to select systems to meet site specific needs.

As with all our installations, exterior coating projects are undertaken with the greatest care and attention to even the smallest details. Various types of primary containment and dust collection systems are utilized to keep our customer’s process systems fully operational throughout the duration of our projects.

All of our projects are quality, safety and schedule driven to meet the demanding requirements of our list of satisfied customers.

If you have any questions regarding tank painting, please feel free to contact us or one of our industry specialists for more information, clarification, or an estimate regarding this service or any of the other services that Paint Platoon USA offers.