Food Services Plants

Paint Platoon USA, a Chicago area commercial & industrial painting contractor, understands that food processors are taking serious measures to make sure strict food safety processes and procedures are in place. Many processors are building new plants, renovating existing plants and adding state of the art equipment to ensure that the food they supply to their customers-including restaurants and other food service operations- is safe.

Surface Preparation and Coating Applications are a primary consideration in the operation of a food processing plant. However, many processors who do not have the luxury of building new facilities are renovating their older plants to make them easier to clean and maintain.

There are numerous industrial coating considerations that can improve safety and quality including sealing the concrete to prevent molding, using nonporous material for the walls, and avoiding materials that can rust.

Paint Platoon USA can assist Food Services Plants by providing quality coating processes that promote food product safety, which means getting things right from the beginning-starting with proper surface preparation and coating solutions designed to meet your specific food processing needs.