Light Pole Painting

Paint Platoon USA, a Chicago area light pole painting contractor, offers light pole and street furniture painting services for retailers, facilities managers, local, county, and state governments. Most of these projects are centered around parking lots and include:

  • Light & Signage Poles

  • Camera & Security Poles

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Trash Containers

  • Benches

  • Hand Rails

  • Exterior Storage Spaces

  • Misc. Exterior Structures

We understand that when repainting light poles that the durability and appearance of the finished product is important to our customers. We remain very confident that our method of repainting the poles will solve your problem. Many customers like our finished product better than the original factory finish.

We use a variety of anti-corrosive rust inhibitive or rust converting metal primers, both one part systems or two part multi-component primers like epoxies, epoxy mastics, etc.

If the poles are aluminum, we typically use a zinc chromate, zinc oxide, or other appropriate primer for aluminum if called for by the tech data sheet of the product. In addition, if the poles are rusting badly, the painters should completely prime those poles before applying the finish coat.


Most of the coatings we use are industrial high performance coatings or multi-part systems which means a resin and a catalyst. Some other coatings we use for finish coats are single component urethane modified alkyd industrial enamels, DTM acrylic industrial enamels, two part epoxies, two part urethanes and aliphatic polyurethanes, etc. We offer a 1 year warranty with the standard one part systems and a 2 year warranty with any high performance coating such as epoxies and aliphatic polyurethanes, etc.

The coatings are typically brushed and rolled by hand to avoid overspray to vehicles and buildings. If done properly by a skilled painter, who knows how to “work the brush and roller”, and maintain the proper viscosity of the coating you should see very few if any brush and roller marks. Brush and roller marks will be minimal.

The exact product we use as a top coat depends on paint availability in a local area, the color desired, sheen and substrate being painted as well as the desires and needs of the customer. However, all of the paints that we use are high performance coatings these are that are used in industrial settings (piping, tanks, poles, etc.) and are designed to withstand attack by chemicals, weather, salts, etc. We would also provide you with Technical Data Sheets on the paint at your request. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Our QA and QC is administered by our on staff AMPP certified coating inspectors. We follow both NACE and SSPC (Society of Protective Coatings formerly Structural Steel Painting Council) preparation standards, as set forth by them.

For Example:

  • SSPC SP-1 - Solvent Cleaning; removal of oils, grease, dirt, soil, salts and contaminants by cleaning with solvent, vapor, alkali, emulsion or steam. We typically use denatured alcohol, xylene or other solvents that will leave very little or no residue behind.

  • SSPC SP-2 - Hand Tool Cleaning- Removal of loose rust, mill scale and loose paint to degree specified by hand chipping, scraping, sanding and wire brushing. This will remove surface imperfection, feather out any scratches that may exist and give the surface a profile and help with adhesion.

  • SSPC SP-3 - Power Tool Cleaning: Removal of loose rust, loose mill scale, and loose paint to a degree specified by tool chipping, scraping, sanding, and wire brushing.